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45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier"

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45407 "The Lancashire Fusilier"
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LMS 4-6-0 "Black 5"
No. 45407



            Locomotive no. 45407 was built by the Armstrong Whitworth Company Spotswood, Newcastle in 1937 for the L.M.S Railway, its work number being 1462. It was 1 of 226 engines, which was the largest order ever placed with a private builder by a British Railway Company the order being worth 2.7 million Pounds.

            When new the engine was delivered to Kettering where it worked for a considerable time on the Midland mainline. In late 1960’s the engine was moved between various sheds ending up at Lockstock Hall in 1968.

            The engine was purchased from B.R. by David Davis for 3300 and  was subsequently moved to Carnforth for restoration. In 1974 it was bought by Paddy Smith who operated the engine on the B.R. system, notably the Settle & Carlise, Cumbrian Coast and Crewe to Holyhead routes. The engine best known for its exploits in Scotland on the FortWilliam to Malliag route, were it spent three seasons in the late 1980’s. After the  last season in Scotland, 45407 was moved to Carnforth for new tyres and onto the E.L.R. for running on Heritage Railways for the last three years of its boiler ticket. In 1997 Ian Riley bought the engine from Mr Smith and had the engine overhauled at his works in Bury. Works included a new tender tank with greater water capacity, the fitting of air brake equipment to enable the engine to haul modern coaching stock and the fitting of A.W.S. to comply with Railtrack’s modern Safety and signaling requirements.


Engine Data


Length- 63’8”

Height- 12’8”

Width- 8’7.5/8”

Weight- 125 tons

Coal   -  9 tons

Water - 4710 gallons

Driving wheels –72”

Cylinders – 18.1/2” x 26”

Tractive effort – 25455 lb

Boiler pressure – 225 lb



45407 is a busy mainline locomotive, available for all types of charter work around the country. She is a regular performer on the Settle and Carlisle route and In Fort William on West Coast Railways "Jacobite Express" steam services between Fort Willian and Mallaig.

45407 at Hellifeild preparing to run "The Dalesman
45407 at Hellifeild preparing to run "The Dalesman" on Saturday 8th July 2006